U.S. Open Local Qualifying

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Pinehills Golf Club - Nicklaus Course (Plymouth, MA)


Player Information Sheet


Pinehills Golf Club

54 Clubhouse Dr

Plymouth, MA 02360



Practice Rounds: A courtesy practice round is available for all competitors. Each competitor is limited to one courtesy practice round. Players MUST contact John Tuffin, Director of Golf, via email (jutffin@pinehillsgolf.com) to schedule a practice round. 


Telephone Number:          Golf Shop:  508-209-3000       Director of Golf: John Tuffin


Starting Times:  Play will begin at 7:30am off the first tee.


Withdrawals:  Please advise the Mass Golf office immediately at (774) 430-9016 if you are unable to compete. Failure to advise the Mass Golf office may disqualify the player from future USGA competition. If there is a need to call the Mass Golf office after the close of business on the day prior to the qualifier, please e-mail Greg Howell at ghowell@massgolf.org. 


Qualifying & Alternate Spots Available: 5 Qualifying Spots, 2 Alternates


Distance Devices:  The use of distance measuring devices is prohibited per Model Local Rule G-5. During a round, a player must not obtain distance information by using an electronic distance measuring device. Penalty for Breach of Local Rule - see Rule 4.3. 


Automotive Transportation: The use of automotive transportation will NOT be permitted. Pull/push carts will be permitted.


Caddies: Caddies are permitted. 


Golf Ball:  The One-Ball Rule will be in effect.  See Appendix I of the Rules of Golf.


Competition Tees/ Yardage: The competition will be played from the BLACK tees (Approx 7,200 yards; par 72).


Golf Shop, Locker Room and Practice Facilities: Open and available at 6:30am. Breakfast will be available in the grill room at 6:30am and lunch will be available at 11:00am – cash and credit are accepted. The half way house next to the 10th tee will be open for players to purchase items at the turn (Please note: the 10th hole does not come back to the clubhouse.)


Dress Code:  Please observe the USGA dress code as stated in the application. 



*Please also review the 2019 USGA Hard Card (link to hard card) and other policies located under the tab labled "USGA Policies" prior to competion.


*There will be no regsitration on the day of the event - please report to your scheduled starting hole to recieve local rules, scorecard, etc. 10-15 minutes prior to your starting time.


Official-In-Charge: Sandy Dowling

Staff-In-Charge: Greg Howell